The Future of HR: Mike Rude, SVP & CHRO at Option Care

Mike Rude
October 18, 2016 Mike Rude: SVP & CHRO at Option Care Mike Rude, Senior Vice Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at Option Care, talks about his work, the work that Option Care does, and the future of HR. "The future of HR and the role that technology, in particular business analytics, will likely play in the human resources space over the next few years..., There's so much data out there - what is the most relevant information and what are the relevant metrics - what are things that really have meaning to business outcomes - not just 'things that can be measured'.  I'm not sure anyone has the silver bullet on the ideal set of business analytics."  Check out this great interview and learn what's on Mike's mind: The Futue of HR and the role of Tech in that Future The Value Proposition to…