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The Forgotten Space

June 20, 2007 We have coined the area of Customer Service and Support (CS&S), "The Forgotten Space". In my 2 years as CEO of Dovetail Software, I have spent a lot of time “observing” the marketplace and there are signs everywhere of how CS&S just doesn’t get the same attention that other areas of CRM does. Interestingly, I find that CEOs and other executives of large companies “talk” about how important the customer experience is to them. However, I am a believer in the phrase, “Actions speak louder than words”, and everywhere I look, I see little action towards truly improving the customer experience. Actually, I believe that CS&S and contact centers are seen only as cost centers to most executives, and therefore the primary goal is about reducing costs. Thus, the CS&S space, and the employees who work in this area, try…

A Message From Dovetail Software CEO Stephen Lynn

June 14, 2007 We started the Dovetail blog at the beginning of the year, and to be honest, I didn’t know what the reaction might be from the Dovetail/Clarify community, or how our employees would act in their role as company spokespeople.We had numerous discussions within the company in regards to corporate policing of employee posts and employees believing that the true value of the blog was keeping it open without company monitoring. I checked what other companies were doing, and even read Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s book, Naked Conversations, looking for insight into what we should do. From our beginning over a decade ago, when we were known as First Choice Software, we’ve had a culture of openness in the company; therefore I decided I needed to continue that tradition with our company blog. Furthermore, since I already emphatically trusted my…
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