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SHRM Poetry and Building Tradition

No Kid Hungry
June 25, 2015 A Little History Three years ago, I was goaded into playing street hockey in Atlanta in the middle of summer. Two years ago, Jonathan Brewer and I put together one of the greatest kickball games HR has ever seen. Last year, we celebrated The Big Lebowski in a Orlando bowling alley. All of there were great fun, and were done in the spirit of changing the world.  And in the process we’ve raised a significant amount of money for those who need a little help.  And many of you have come along for the ride. Today This year, we are going in a slightly different direction.  At the SHRM Annual Conference next week, we will be hosting a Poetry Slam, and are partnering with Quantum Workplace, Broadbean, Dice and Branded Strategies in our support for No Kid Hungry. Dice is…