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The Challenges Faced by Human Resources in Higher Education

Higher Education Human Resources
April 12, 2017 HR in Higher Ed Facing unique financial pressures, colleges and universities must have HR departments that operate efficiently and at a high level. They must move past basic administrative roles and become a major organizational influence. In order to combat these pressures effectively, it may help to identify some key challenges that cross the path of human resource professionals at institutions of higher learning. What are the Key Challenges? Budget - HR budgets in higher education have tended to be 50 - 75 % lower than those found in other industries, according to a study by Aon. In addition, state budget shortfalls have made it necessary for all departments to cut back. Rising Healthcare Costs - The same Aon study found that increasing healthcare costs are a top concern for Higher Ed HR. Recruiting - Attracting and Retaining new employees…