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2 Noteworthy Themes from HR Service Delivery Conferences in 2013

November 26, 2013 Time to take a quick look back and reflect on the conferences we attended and/or sponsored in 2013. This year Dovetail found its way to 17 events that were a mix of HR technology, HR Shared Service, HR Service Delivery, Workday Rising, and many nationwide SHRM chapters. In all, we had quite a busy year! Without question, a couple particular and noteworthy themes formed.   The first of which: The very near death of the continued need to evangelize HR Case Management. I think we can finally declare that HR Case Management, especially with regards to HR Shared Service centers has officially outgrown the evangelistic phase. It’s far more prevalent these days that booth visitors have been introduced to the risk mitigating importance of properly tracking employee interactions. They also seem to be aware of the obvious efficiency gains to…