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The Carnival of HR Returns!

Carnival HR
June 15, 2016 It's Back! Carnival of HR: I feel like we just finished sweeping up the popcorn and peanut shells from last time, and yet here we are! I'm always excited to get to host the carnival.  It's a great chance for us to stay connected to the HR community that means so much to us, and to share our platform with great authors in our space.  Thanks to all of you for visiting and reading.  Please take a few minutes to check out the links. Theme: Conferences Our theme, loosely applied as always, is around conferences.  We do a lot of them, and we were very much looking forward to SHRM16 this month.  We've realized, though, that the show starts on Father's Day this year.  That's happened in the past, and it usually kills off any chance of attending for me. …

Sarah Brennan: LIVE at #HRTechConf

December 3, 2015 Sarah Brennan We were so happy to have Sarah Brennan as our very first guest on intrepidHR in the Expo Hall at HR Tech in Vegas. Sarah is founder and strategic advisor with Accelir, attending her 10th HR Tech Conference! Sarah touches on the  hottest trends at HR tech this year: employee engagement and analytics. Sarah also talks about one of HR's greatest burdens: if something's broken, it must be the people. This perspective MUST change, how can we do that? Click play above to listen to this insightful interview with Ms. Brennan, you will soon learn why she is a mainstay in this industry. You can also follow Sarah on Twitter at @ImSoSarah.   intrepidHR To listen to all 30 LIVE intrepidHR interviews in our on-demand player, follow this link. intrepidHR is made possible by Dovetail Software! Dovetail Software…