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Buzzword Bingo and HR Tech Conferences

February 27, 2013   We all know the game.  We usually play it, at least in our heads.  But there would be something very refreshing about one of the big shows making it part of the scene.  How much fun would it be to have buzzword bingo as part of a big HR technology conference?   Silly?  Maybe.  But the intent shouldn’t be to take away from a presentation or display by making a game out of searching for keywords.  I’d suggest instead it should be done to discourage their use, forcing marketing teams to describe their product in meaningful terms rather than joining the nearly indiscernible mob migrating toward the hottest topics of the day.   No more buzz.  No more gamification, big data, cloud computing, or social technology.  Forget about seats at tables or employee engagement as abstract terms.  Move past…