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Vegas, Vienna, and Value

September 13, 2018 As we finish out summer and look ahead to the fall (or Autumn for my British roots) it's quite arguably my favorite time of the year. It’s not just because the kids have gone back to school after an eventful summer, or the fact I’m gearing up for possible Floridian weather (which so far it looks like we are in the clear), instead it’s the run up to the majestic trifecta: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Among these family traditions, right in the middle, are the "work" celebrations; the festivities of HR Tech Conferences! And there are none better than the annual Workday Customer Conference - Workday Rising. The best part being there are two of them! Rising USA and Rising Europe. I’ve had the pleasure of attending both for several years now, and still each year I'm always looking forward to…