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Charlie Judy: The Evolution of Culture

October 20, 2016 Charlie Judy talks Culture on intrepidHR! Charlie Judy, Founding Partner with Work XO, LLC, talks about the work he does at Work XO - a "culture shop" - at a genetic level providing data and intelligence to helping clients align culture with potential and growth. "Human doesn't happen organically, it is a little ironic and - but it doesn't happen when its enveloped in this institution we call work."  Check out this great interview and learn what's on Charlie's mind: Being Intentional about Your Culture The Right Culture The reinforcement and clarification of Culture The Evolution of Culture The Institution of Work Remaining Relevant in the World of Work Tuning Out the Noise Unleashing Human Potential   On Culture: "You can't look at your employee engagement score and say that 'we have a strong culture' or 'we don't' - that is an indicator but you need to get…