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Kent Valentine
Kent Valentine
About: A 10-year veteran of Dovetail, Kent brings a wealth of case management and business process expertise to every customer he works with.  Finding practical, compelling, and sustainable business solutions for customers is what he enjoys doing most at Dovetail.

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Posts by Kent Valentine:

Sustainability in HR

September 12, 2018 It's not just about energy conservation These days sustainability is usually about renewable energy but with Dovetail's Employee Engagement Suite (EES) we also have a cool story about sustainability as it relates to HR service delivery. EES is our integrated suite of tools for managing HR service delivery and it includes an employee portal, case management, and knowledge management. All together, these tools help our customers achieve outstanding levels service to employees, year after spite of rapid changes to their businesses. I realized this a while ago and it’s a subject I love to talk about with prospects and clients. The general idea is that beyond helping HR organizations achieve their immediate service goals, we are also leaving them in a position to remain agile and capable of real change and improvements over time. To continue delivering high value services for the long…

Dovetail HR Help Desk Implementations

October 21, 2013 Over the past year or so working with customers as they go through initial implementations of Dovetail’s Employee Engagement Suite (EES) I’ve started to notice a pattern. But before I tell you what it is, let me rewind a little -- Setup for EES is done mostly by “configuration” rather than “customization”. And really, that’s an understatement. The real goal is to do it all by configuration and allow ZERO customization. As we see it, configurations are changes that can be done within the application, by our customers and Dovetailers. But customization is a “code level” change (something done by a developer) that is usually not possible without considerable training and expertise. From a vendor point of view it is MUCH easier for us to support our customers doing configurations than doing customizations. From a customer point of view high…