Workflow Configuration with Dovetail CRM

Chad made a great post about integrating with Dovetail CRM the other day.  He touched on creating event rules and I wanted to show how you can use Dovetail CRM to configure common workflow tasks.  We see the following scenario a lot in the HR space:  when a new employee joins the company, there are usually a number of related tasks the company needs to perform.  For example, they might need to create an email account, assign a computer and configure domain permissions for the new employee.  I’m going to show how Dovetail CRM can automatically create child cases related to a parent case to automate the process of entering the tasks into the system.


When we’re finished, we’ll want the following statement to be true:


When a case

          is created

               and the item title contains ‘New Employee’

Create a child case titled ‘Create Email Address for new employee’

Create a child case titled ‘Assign computer to new employee’

Create a child case titled ‘Configure domain permissions for new employee’

Creating a new Event Rule


The first thing we’ll need to do is create a new event rule that will respond to new employee creation events.  Click ‘New Event Rule’ on the Setup page and enter a name for it.  For example, ‘New Employee’.















Once you’ve created the new Event Rule, we need to tell Dovetail CRM how to identify a New Employee event and specify the actions we want to perform.


Specify the type of workflow item


The first thing we need to do is specify the type of workflow item our new employee rule applies to.  Our goal for the rule is to create child cases when a case is created with a title that contains “New Employee”.  Select case as the object type for the rule.









Specify the type of event and conditions for the rule


Once we’ve told Dovetail CRM the new employee rule will apply to cases, we need to specify the event we want to respond to and the conditions for the event.  For the new employee rule, we’re interested when a case is created and the title contains ‘New Employee’.






































Specify the actions to perform for the rule


Now that we’ve got the event and conditions we want this rule to apply to, all we’ve got to do is tell Dovetail CRM what actions to take when the conditions are satisfied.  For our new employee rule, we’re going to create three child cases.





















When you are done configuring the rule, your rule should look very similar to the following image in the UI:

























Seeing the new rule in action


Once we’ve created the new rule, it will immediately be active in Dovetail CRM.  We can immediately create a new case with new employee in the title and Dovetail CRM will create three child cases for it.










After we get done creating a new case with New Employee in the title, we can see Dovetail CRM created three child cases for our new case.








In this post, I showed how you can use Dovetail CRM to automate task creation for common workflow tasks.  Hopefully this post illustrates how easy it is to leverage Dovetail CRM to make common, everyday tasks easier.

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