Up Next: IHRIM 2013

Memorial Day, among other things, signals the start of the late spring/early summer conference season.  For those of us that speak and attend, it also marks the last time our laundry will be caught up and in one place.  I fully expect that from now until July, my wardrobe will be split evenly between my closet, my suitcase and the cleaners.


It is, I think, the most wonderful time of the year.


We come out of the holiday getting ramped up for IHRIM 2013, held in Orlando this year.  Specifically, it’s at the Contemporary Resort at Disneyworld.  Not a bad venue.  For those looking for a summer vacation they can leverage into something work related, it’s great.  For those of us who will be too busy working to enjoy the parks…actually, it’s still pretty great.  No complaints.


So what’s going to keep our team off the Tower of Terror?  We’ve got a full slate of meetings to hold, not to mention a slew of discussions planned in our booth space.  If you haven’t seen it yet, our later version was just released and is packed with great new features from our development team. As usual, they’ve included a few things I’ve asked for, and delivered far more than expected.  It makes showing off a little hard to avoid, so I’m happy to get to serve as the demo master for the event.


Also, I’m looking forward to presenting a session alongside one of our customers.  David Lindbergh and I will be presenting Session 141: The Black Hole of Adoption: Why HR Technology Implementations Fail.  We presented on this topic at LEHRN earlier this year to great reviews, and if nothing else we promise it will be an entertaining hour.  If you are in the area Wednesday morning, please feel free to drop in and say hello!


IHRIM is a great way to start the season.  Looking forward to showing off the software and seeing some of our favorite clients (which is all of them, of course!) out on the road.  Hope to see you out there!

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