Data, Data Everywhere: A Sneak Peek


I’ll be presenting at the IQPC HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit on May 19th.  The topic I’m putting together, Data, Data Everywhere, is focused on the ways data accessibility and security have changed over the last few years.  I presented some of this information earlier this year at the LEHRN event in Minneapolis, MN, but this will be a much more expanded and interactive session.  A few of the things that attendees can expect…

  • What is PII, and where can it be found?
  • What special considerations should be made for international operations?
  • What are our responsibilities, both as companies and as individuals, when it comes to protecting personal information?
  • What special considerations should be given to recruiters?
  • What are the five things you should be doing RIGHT NOW about security?
  • How easy is it for data to be stolen, and what are the potential impacts?

There will be more, and hopefully some great discussions will take place as well.

Interestingly, someone I think very highly of in the HR space cautioned me against this topic.  The feeling was that if not carefully presented, it could easily scare some practitioners back to the days of post-it notes and legal pads.  While that certainly isn’t the intent, there is always the concern that talking about the dangers of technology might scare people away.  The reality is, though, that avoiding the truth doesn’t make it go away.  Choosing to remain willfully uninformed about how technology works, the risks of using it, and the simple steps that can be taken every day to keep yourself and others safe is a treacherous path. That’s why we’ve chosen this topic, and why we are passionate about making sure our client’s data is safe at all times.

If you are in Chicago and attending the event, please make a point to stop by and say hello.  I expect we will have some great conversations on this and other topics, and would love for you to be included.

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