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We love HR technology, and we love people who work to make it better. That’s why we are proud to support CedarCrestone once again with their HR Systems Survey. I would hope that you already know what the survey is all about, you can skip the next bit. If not, keep reading!

Dovetail Software invites you to participate in the CedarCrestone 2014–2015 HR Systems Survey: HR Technologies, Deployment Approaches, Integration, Analytics, and Value, 17th Annual Edition. This year’s annual Survey is now available at and responses will be collected until June 30th, 2014. Last year, the Survey collected over 1,200 responses—please help make this year an even greater success.

This year, the survey is being brought to us by Lexy Martin, one of our favorite people, AND by Stacey Harris, another of our favorite people. Aside from adding a second big brain to the proceedings, there are improvements in the logic of the survey, deeper dives into workforce management, social tools and mobility. And yes, if you were asking, it’s all confidential and aggregated.

(True story: The first time I met Lexy was at HR Tech 2010 during the survey session. Someone in the audience was questioning why organizations that answered a question a certain way saw certain results, specifically because they did not believe one thing would really lead to the other. Lexy’s response was “Let me explain, for a moment, the difference between causation and correlation.” And she did it with grace and tact. Ever since that moment, she has been at the top of my list.)

For helping out, you’ll get an advance copy of the results in early October 2014. Did I mention the first 100 respondents to complete all questions will receive a $5 Starbucks card from CedarCrestone? And that they are sending the 17th, 117th, and 1,017th respondents a $100 Visa gift card in celebration of the Survey’s 17th year? Because they totally are. They are also going to give away an in-depth Benchmark Service to a random winner. They’re givers. We love that about them.

Industry surveys are only as good as the industry’s participation. We hope you’ll take the time to be part of this one, if you haven’t already. It’s a great tool from a great group of people, working to make a great community even stronger. Thanks for being part of it!

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