Dovetail EES v13 – What You Need to Know

We’re always excited to roll out new features and improvements to our client partners.  It’s like Christmas, Halloween and Flag Day all rolled together.  So imagine how happy we were this weekend to release version 13 of the Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite (EES) into the wild!

If you haven’t seen it in your environment yet (or, heaven forbid, you don’t have one!), here are a few of the highlights of the latest update.

Email Improvements – We continue to build on our email system, including new integrations with the employee database to make sharing information easier and faster.

Employee Data Filters – More granular control of who sees what, without limiting the ability to support all employees in your organization.  We’ve bypassed traditional org structure methods to bring you an almost unlimited amount of flexibility on how you set up your team.

Improve multinational support from XpertHR – We love the information our partner provides to HR departments, and it never seemed right that it was limited to certain countries.  Now their service is available for employees based anywhere in the world!

Event Rule Enhancements – With additional intelligence in our messaging engine and improved control over single-use events, we’ve made setting up and maintaining the system even easier.

New Languages – We’ve added Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.  If you speak it, chances are we do too.

New Reporting Engine Foundation – We’re very excited to be close to sharing this new platform with our clients.  While we like the current version, the new engine is much more powerful and flexible, giving you even more control over the data coming out of the system.  We will be working to migrate existing reports over and prepare training for our client teams.  As always, we make these moves with the end user in mind, meaning they are never rushed or forced upon them.  You can expect to hear from us on setting up training and migration for your specific environment when it is ready.  Assuming you have one, which we covered up above.  If not, though, we can totally fix that.

But version 13 isn’t just about new features.  It’s also about saying goodbye.  With this version, we are officially sunsetting support of Internet Explorer 8.  While you can still use it, the older platform just can’t keep up with the latest technology.  And, quite frankly, we think you deserve better anyway.

The team is already working on the next round of features designed to make the HR world a better place.  We hope you like what we made you, and look forward to hearing from you soon!



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