Healthcare HR Today, part 3

Healthcare HR

Part 3 of series with HR Expert Jay Kuhns

Series: Healthcare HR Check-Up Key Point Podcast

Episode 3

Jay Kuhns, VP of Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix HR addresses Today’s Technology for Healthcare HR in Part 3 of quick-hit podcast, key point podcast.

The New Tools
“I’ve been pushing myself to learn lately. The new tools that are redefining how executives transform their brands, their teams, and their organizations are exploding all around us. I know that if I do not stay current I will fail. We no longer have the cop-out options of having too many projects, too many meetings, or not enough time to keep up. When have effective leaders ever had ‘enough time?’ For God’s sake, stop saying that.” – Jay Kuhns from No Community – No Future

Jay addresses Technology Today in Healthcare HR and its impact. Jay and Rayanne talk about cloud-based HR software, mobile and social technologies and how Healthcare HR needs to be ready to move into 2016 in this Part 3 of quick-hit key point podcast.

Discussion Points for :

  • Cloud-based Technology for HR
  • Technology Hiring within the HR department
  • Evaluating your current state, thinking about the future of your department, and identifying the gap between the two.
  • Then Do the Gap Analysis
  • Doing Your Due Diligence on HR Tech Vendors
  • Applicant Tracking Systems today, framing the mobile experience through a job applicant’s eyes.
  • Social Tools are part of Healthcare HR Today

Series: Healthcare HR Check-Up

Part 1: Employer Branding
Part 2: Taking Risks & Conquering the Fear of Change
Part 3: Technology for Healthcare HR

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