Stacey Harris of Sierra-Cedar: HR Systems Survey

Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey

Stacey Harris, VP of Research and Analytics at Sierra-Cedar

Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris, VP of Research & Analytics at Sierra Cedar shares the news and expectations  for the latest HR Systems Survey – closes June 30!

Check out the Sierra-Cedar 2017–2018 HR Systems Survey, 20th Annual Edition. We’d love to have you support this research effort. All responses are anonymous and kept strictly confidential. They only use your information in the aggregate. Your privacy is strictly maintained.


“Research has to have a story behind it.”- Stacey Harris

Stacey joins Rayanne to discuss these points:

  • History of the Survey – 20 years strong now!
  • Most significant finding from last year’s results
  • Expectations for this year
  • What to watch for: Personalization!

Sierra Cedar Survey Take the survey here.

“The secret sauce? I’ve worked in research for along-time now.  Most of the time, research is great, but it doesn’t always reach a large audience. I think our secret is longevity, therefore, we are trusted and we don’t sell the research – this is not a line-item for Sierra-Cedar. The focus is to make this a service to  the industry.”

To learn more about Sierra-Cedar and their offerings, visit their website and follow their social channels.

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