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True SaaS

Recently, Kane Frisbyour Chief Strategy Officer – wrote this:

Workday customers and prospects are tech savvy. They get it. Power of One. True SaaS. Modern and innovative architecture. Sustainable Technology and Processes. It’s second nature to a Rising attendee.

We gel so well with the Workday Rising attendees, simply because we get it, too!

I get to meet so many Dovetail and Workday customers and come away with so many new connections, all with meaningful and rich conversations.

I believe the key to the success of the Rising events is the culmination of Workday Customers, Prospects, Employees, and Partners – coming together for the same purpose – delivering value to HR, Finance and Employees.

Delivering Value – imagine that?

Partnership Satisfaction

Perhaps you can tell how happy he is, and we are, about our ongoing partnership with Workday. Kane is one of the many key players at Dovetail who keep our partnerships in great shape. We are driven to provide a quality product with superior service as part of that partnership maintenance, as well as keeping clients happy. Current, new, and future clients benefit from this drive – this motivation – to serve, and serve well.


Software as a Service. Many have forgotten what that means. We haven’t. I’m consistently impressed by the work our tech, implementation, and support teams provide in order to please and satisfy our clients. Isn’t that how it should be?

If you haven’t met our team leads – please have a look at them and their backgrounds. They live and breathe “software as a service.”

CTO and VP of Products: Gary Sherman

VP of Engineering: Chad Myers

Director of Services & Support: Nathan Shilling

VP of Customer Experience: Dwane Lay

Each of these leaders support our clients, as well as our employees to promote the best tech and service possible.

The memory of “quality service” shouldn’t be a memory – it should be an expectation.


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