Discovering HR Case Management

discovering HR Case Management

HR Case Management

Case Management, itself, speaks to tracking cases or issues with clients or customers. Healthcare Case Management tracks the life cycle of a patient, through every interaction with a healthcare provider or healthcare facility/system.

HR Case Management is the reporting and tracking of every single employee interaction with the human resources department in an organization. This allows for the best understanding possible of the employee experience with the employer, as well as understanding the employer experience with said employee. And it is all about collecting the data from those interactions, then saving and using that data for future interactions, questions, or issues that come into HR – this keeps any information from being lost or allowing issues or challenges to be mishandled, mismanaged or not managed at all.

The Flow of HR Case Management Made Easy

  • Employee contacts HR with a question, problem, or grievance
  • Case is Created
  • Communication Thread is Captured and Saved
  • While case is handled in Real-Time, specific employee details are displayed to user
  • Case is categorized to ensure proper routing and handling
  • Creation of a new case triggers automated processes, like timers for task completion or notifications regarding particular case types
  • Case is Handled or Escalated, as necessary. Any escalated cases are handled by the the proper authority
  • Once handled, Case is Closed
  • Knowledge Capture and Management
  • Search and use of Captured Knowledge for Future Cases
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Data and Metrics to understand Organizational Attrition, Change, or Growth
  • Learning and Leadership Development

Tracking the full employee experience allows companies to view the whole picture, in-depth, of the relationship between employer and employee. The employee experience is tracked – based on a real understanding of every employee interaction with HR.

The use of an HR Case Management system ensures that all interactions with employees are reported and tracked, that the response from HR or management is consistent and timely, considering legal and regulatory compliance, and securely housing records in a single location,
easily accessible by appointed administrators.


Discovering HR Case Management JUN 2017 [32 min] from Dovetail Software on Vimeo.

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