What do Dovetail Software Customers Think of Our Customer Service?

Scott Hornstein, co-author of the book Opt-In Marketing, recently penned A Novel Concept: What Do Customers Think of Customer Service? for Sales and Marketing Management and his column does indeed raise a somewhat novel concept. That is, he conducted a Q&A with the most important people in business, the customers to find out what they really think.

Writes Mr. Hornstein,

“We discuss CRM and customer service issues from a lofty position. We speak of strategies and processes and successes—the articles and case histories I find are largely congratulatory.

“What I don’t find are articles and case studies reflecting what customers think. Are they equally as delighted? To find out, I thought I’d ask some customers how they feel about some of the basic issues.”

Among his survey respondents, Mr Hornstein finds the “report card is bad.”

As longtime proponents of customer service and support, we thought it would very insightful to pose Mr. Hornstein’s questions to you, our own customers, since our success and your success depends a great deal on your feedback and continued satisfaction.

We’d love to hear what you have to say, so here’s Mr. Hornstein’s original questions, adapted a bit to be more Dovetail specific:

(1) The term “customer service” might be used as part of describing a company’s attitude or way of doing business (e.g., we are committed to excellent customer service). What three qualities should Dovetail Software’s customer service have to meet your standards?

(2) Over your current experiences with Dovetail Software, does our customer service today meet your expectations? Please respond on a scale of one to 10 (one being “absolutely not” and 10 being “deliriously yes”).

(3) How would you rank Dovetail Software’s commitment to customer service (on the same one-to-10 scale)?

(4) If you have a customer service question or issue us, what are the three most important things to you in getting your question or issue resolved?

(5) In general, what are your expectations of your initial customer service interaction with our team? What do you expect will happen (one being “absolutely nothing” and 10 being “thoroughly delighted”).

(6) How important is customer service to you when you make a decision to purchase from a CRM software provider (one being “no difference” and 10 being “nothing is more important”)?

(7) What should Dovetail Software do to make sure our customer service meets your standards and expectations?

We look forward to hearing your response and we will publish the results.


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