Customer Service to be Proud Of

I love my company, Dovetail Software, and the culture we have created. It seems a little self-serving to brag about ourselves, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity this time. We have a number of mottoes in the company, and one of them is “Just Do It.” I admit we stole this from Nike, but I don’t think they will object to the fact that we find it fits our company. So now for the situation. We had a support case come in Saturday night during our non-business hours from one of our customers. First, the customer hadn’t purchased 24×7 coverage from us. Second, they designated it as a Severity High, which is a severity level requiring immediate attention. It shouldn’t have been a High Severity as the problem was in the customer’s test environment. Even with all that, Kevin Miller had the situation solved in less than an hour. He didn’t tell the customer they didn’t have support during this timeframe. He didn’t tell them it shouldn’t had been a High Severity. He Just Did It. Thanks Kevin, and thanks for the whole Dovetail team that makes our Customer Support something to be proud of.


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