So How Good is the Commitment of our Customer Support Personnel?

I love talking about Dovetail’s Customer Support. I know it comes off sounding self serving, but if your customer support personnel were as dedicated to the customers as ours are, you would brag about them also. And since I always say “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”, let me use another recent example to demonstrate the level of commitment of Dovetail’s customer service. A couple of weeks ago, one of our customer support personnel (he prefers that I not name him) was at the hospital  as his wife was in labor and about to deliver their new son. It happened to be 6 am in the morning and his cell phone rang. It was one of our customers so our support person excused himself from his wife (a brave soul at this moment), and left the room to talk to the customer. The customer had a critical support issue. Our support person took down all the relevant information from the customer and immediately called another support personnel to handle the issue.

The story had a great conclusion as our support person’s wife delivered a healthy baby boy and our customer’s support issue was quickly solved.

How’s that for dedication?

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