Happy Father’s Day to Me

You know you are going to have a great day when you combine a day of being waited on along with great customer service. I woke up today to some Father’s Day cards, some presents, and a menu to order from IHOP. When my wife ordered breakfast, she reminded the person on the phone to put the strawberry topping on the French Toast. When the person on the phone asked her to explain, she told the person that last time we got this item, they didn’t put the strawberries on top. When he heard that the previous order wasn’t right, he said, “no problem, they should have gotten it right last time, and this order was on them.” He had no idea whether this actually happened, we didn’t ask for anything, yet this was the way he handled it.

Great Customer Service – it doesn’t take much to provide it, and the impact can be long lasting. There are many take-out breakfast places in our neighborhood, but I can tell you we will be giving all of our business to this particular IHOP.

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