Why is Dovetail better? Ask our Customers

We at Dovetail Software are in business to make money like other CRM vendors, but I think our approach to generating revenue is different than our competitors. Our philosophy is to take care of the customers and their success will ultimately enable us to maximize our revenue over the long haul. To this end we often provide free consulting to our customers or we might blog about customizations or solutions that might benefit our customers.

We just completed a customer installation and another example of this was cited by our newest customer. Since we can’t announce this sale yet, I can’t name individuals, but you can still see what makes Dovetail different. The customer was talking to our installer at their site and said to him:

“I can look at your blogging and tell you value your customers and customer service in general.” 

 Hearing this his boss went on to say:

 “I’ve got all these CRM vendors to sort through, and I go to Dovetail’s site and I see how they’ve blogged about issues they’ve solved and then made them available to the community.  I mean, what company does that, honestly.  These guys are different.” 

Our customers always say it better than we can.

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