HR and Customer Service – Lacking the Love?

For years now, Company executives have said that providing superior customer service is critical to their organization and that they were focused on providing just that. But to the people running customer service and the agents responsible for taking care of those customers, they often see this edict as hollow words as customer service is looked at as a cost center, a group asked to do more with less resources.

HR executives might feel the same way. What do the same Company executives say about their employees? That people are the most important asset of the company, and you better treat them right if you want a successful company. Yet, ask that HR executive whether they have enough resources, or the right technology to ensure they are taking care of their employees, and they too, like the customer service department, will mumble under their breath how they can’t get what they need to ensure that HR takes care of their employees. They feel overworked and underappreciated. Read  one such story from Dawn Hrdlica, VP of People at DAXKO.

 Bet most of you didn’t know that the two functions shared a common goal – to ensure that the company’s most important assets, “Customers”, are taken care of. We have always associated customers with Customer Service, but we often forget that HR is also servicing their customers, their employees.

Company executives better quickly realize that they need to provide the right resources to HR to take care of their own customers, their employees, or they too will abandon ship when the economy turns around.


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