More on the Right Questions to Ask your Software Vendors During the Selling Process

Yesterday, I posted a blog that suggested that many Companies weren’t asking their Software Vendors the right questions during the selling process. Ironically, I saw two other blog posts yesterday that suggested other criteria companies should consider in their vendor selection process, both with great suggestions.


The first, by Dovetail’s own Chief Strategy Officer, Kane Frisby, Vendor Evaluation – Know Your Vendors! looked at the technical aspects you should cover in your due diligence process. They addressed:

  • Ease and speed of implementation
  • How to configure, today and into the future
  • The importance of the upgrade process and the effort required
  • How well the application works with other applications


The other blog post, by The Cynical Girl, Laurie Ruettimann addresses 6 Characteristics of Great HR Tech Companies. While not saying it directly, what Laurie is implying is that you should consider these characteristics in evaluating your software vendors because a great HR technology company is more likely to provide the better solution. To summarize her six characteristics:

  • They pay their people well and treat them with respect
  • They use their own products
  • They aren’t just accountable to outside investors but to their customers
  • They truly want to be your partner. They don’t disappear after the sale
  • Future product ideas come from their customers
  • Their people are involved with the HR community


So, you should add these suggestions/questions to your list of questions you use to evaluate your software vendors during the selling process. Thanks Kane and Laurie.


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