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The Carnival of HR Returns!

Carnival HR
June 15, 2016 It's Back! Carnival of HR: I feel like we just finished sweeping up the popcorn and peanut shells from last time, and yet here we are! I'm always excited to get to host the carnival.  It's a great chance for us to stay connected to the HR community that means so much to us, and to share our platform with great authors in our space.  Thanks to all of you for visiting and reading.  Please take a few minutes to check out the links. Theme: Conferences Our theme, loosely applied as always, is around conferences.  We do a lot of them, and we were very much looking forward to SHRM16 this month.  We've realized, though, that the show starts on Father's Day this year.  That's happened in the past, and it usually kills off any chance of attending for me. …

The Carnival of HR – It’s All About Sharing

March 27, 2013 One of the best things about having a blog in the HR world is getting the chance to be part of the Carnival of HR.  If you are really lucky, you occasionally get to host it and call the shots.  And I, apparently, am very lucky indeed!  This carnival is about sharing and evangelism.  My partners here at Dovetail have never been shy about promoting the practice of HR, so we decided that we should spin the carnival in that direction.  We asked for submissions not just of good posts, but of good posts from someone else.  I had no idea how flooded I would be with responses!   Sure, there are some of our favorite writers included, but you’ll also find plenty of new names, pushed to us by those favorite writers.  There are a ton of great voices out…