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HR Latte: CX Talk with Dwane Lay

CX Talk
March 13, 2018 CX Talk with Dwane Lay - Customer Experience Expert [14 minute, 18 second podcast] HR Latte launches a new segment: CX Talk In this premiere episode of CX Talk, Dwane and Rayanne talk about what impacts Customer Experience. Tune in to learn about: How to Communicate Changes Getting the most out of the products you use What does Bad Customer Experience look like? Cost of Acquisition vs. Cost of Retention How involved are customers in your product roadmap? Future Thinking Proactive Customer Service New episodes coming soon!    Connect with Dwane and Rayanne on LinkedIn!    

Dwane Lay: Customer Experience = Whole Life Cycle of the Customer

Dwane Lay
December 6, 2016 Dwane Lay, "There's Nobody Busier than the HR Practitioner" Dwane Lay, VP - Customer Experience - Dovetail Software “I think that everything after the sales process, you are building the relationship upfront, but it's the management piece after that doesn't always get the attention it deserves. We hear a lot of people talk about their relationship with vendors never gets better than right before they sign the contract. The whole, You'll do anything to get me as a customer, why won't you do anything to keep me as a customer? We try to make sure we do everything to make our customers happy." - Dwane Lay Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Dwane’s mind: Customer Experience is a Partnership with the Client Having HR Experience Makes a Difference in how you serve an HR Department How being a Lean Six…