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We Put the Customer in Customer Service

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June 2, 2016 Where is the Customer in Customer Service? So, recently a landscaper stopped by the house and offered to do some work. They basically would put down new soil, seed, and fertilizer. The cost? $1000, now you might say, “Hey Matt, you overpaid!” There were, however, some extenuating circumstances.   I will review a few, so you can get an idea. The wife wanted grass even though we are in a drought and I stopped watering the back yard a few years ago. The wife wanted grass. And lastly…, I knew my wife really wanted grass. So, when these guys stopped by and offered to give me a yard, I took them up on it. The Actual Work Here we are: they laid soil, seed, and fertilizer. They actually gave me a one-year guarantee, so I was pleased that I didn’t have…