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Where is the Customer in Customer Service?

So, recently a landscaper stopped by the house and offered to do some work. They basically would put down new soil, seed, and fertilizer. The cost? $1000, now you might say, “Hey Matt, you overpaid!”

There were, however, some extenuating circumstances.   I will review a few, so you can get an idea.

  1. The wife wanted grass even though we are in a drought and I stopped watering the back yard a few years ago.
  2. The wife wanted grass.

And lastly…, I knew my wife really wanted grass.

So, when these guys stopped by and offered to give me a yard, I took them up on it.

The Actual Work

Here we are: they laid soil, seed, and fertilizer. They actually gave me a one-year guarantee, so I was pleased that I didn’t have to get my hands dirty, so to speak. And now, we sit – a month later and guess what?

NO GRASS. So I did what every customer does and I called them, and I called them and… I called them. Guess what? No answer.

Did I get scammed? Do they have the worst customer service? What about the customer?

This little scenario cost me a grand.

My Work

Now, what if I told you I sell a product that cost significantly more than $1K, with total costs depending on size and scope of the project? I personally was really angry with my “lawn” experience. They didn’t answer my calls or texts. I am the customer and I have had a very poor experience.

What happens when you, as a customer, spend 100x more and still, no one answers the phone? I imagine you might be 100 times more angry than I was when no one answered my call.

I make it a point to answer my phone when it rings, as do all the sales professionals and support team here at Dovetail Software. I also make it a point to understand you and your company are paying for not only a product, but a level of service with the customer coming before service.

Where do you put yourself in Customer Service? Are you the Customer or are you the Service?

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