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The Community Garden of SaaS

July 14, 2016 The Perfect Analogy From time to time, we come up with analogies on the fly that make so much sense, we have to share them. This is a great example. Not long ago, I was trying to explain how SaaS works in relation to developing software and product management.  While we've talked about our process in the past, it has been on the "how," not the "why." To explain that part, we found a perfect analogy in the Community Garden. The Plot Let's start with the land. To get our garden going, we need a place to put it.  So we imagine a city block that has been razed and plowed. This is our garden, and we have opened up access to our clients, who wish to grow their own beets. We let the spinach people in too, of course.…

Meet Dovetail’s New Chief Strategy Officer, Kane Frisby

November 15, 2012 We would like to introduce the newest member of the Dovetail team, Chief Strategy Officer Kane Frisby! Our CEO met Kane about two years ago - Kane was implementing our HR Case Management solution in the HR organization at his engineering defense firm - and had his eye on Kane for a position at Dovetail since then. He always jokes it was the longest interview process he’s ever done. Kane, originally from the UK, has lived all over the world and spent his career identifying the right technology systems for HR organizations. I sat down with Kane to learn about his previous HR experience, how we were finally able to snag him and what his plan is for 2013.     Prior to joining Dovetail, tell us about your experience in the HR technology space?   I was working for…