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Matt Yunker: Showing Efficiency and Savings to Benefit our Clients

Matt Yunker
November 4, 2016 Matt Yunker, "Ethics and Integrity in Sales" Matt Yunker, Director of Sales with a Focus in Healthcare “One of the reasons I came to Dovetail was the integrity of the organization. Ethics is a big deal to me. You just can't lie to a customer. I see it over and over. And I  think 'Lies by Omission' is a big issue in sales, where you just don' tell them and you let it go and you deal with it later. If I were the customer, how would like to be I like to be sold to? What would I like to know up front? I need to know so that I can make an educated decision." - Matt Yunker Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Matt’s mind: Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite Healthcare Focus By HR, for HR A Product that…

What Is Integrity – Really?

August 15, 2016 Honesty and Trust Are Integral to Integrity People who demonstrate integrity draw others to them because they are trustworthy and dependable. They are principled and can be counted on to behave in honorable ways even when no one is watching… So, my last blog was about a sales person and integrity in sales, honesty and pushing the boundaries of honesty in dealing with customers. So what drives a sales person to act this way or gives them the authority to behave this way? Leadership I think it stems from leadership. I have been in sales for over 20 years; I once said I would never sell software again. Back in the early 90s, I worked for a software company that sold a product into the IBM world. They had unethical work practices and as a young man, I adopted those…