Matt Yunker: Showing Efficiency and Savings to Benefit our Clients

Matt Yunker

Matt Yunker, “Ethics and Integrity in Sales”

Matt Yunker, Director of Sales with a Focus in Healthcare

Matt Yunker“One of the reasons I came to Dovetail was the integrity of the organization. Ethics is a big deal to me. You just can’t lie to a customer. I see it over and over. And I  think ‘Lies by Omission’ is a big issue in sales, where you just don’ tell them and you let it go and you deal with it later. If I were the customer, how would like to be I like to be sold to? What would I like to know up front? I need to know so that I can make an educated decision.”
Matt Yunker

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Matt’s mind:

  • Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite
  • Healthcare Focus
  • By HR, for HR
  • A Product that gives HR a voice at the table
  • Organizational Wellness
  • Sales Ethics and Integrity
  • Acting with Integrity can determine Organizational Wellness
  • Efficiency and Savings
  • Why Conference Attendance is important
  • Matt Writes about Sales Ethics here on the Dovetail Blog

On Integrity: “Those that are operating at an unethical manner or with a lack of integrity? I think it comes from the top down – they are driven by the bottom line and it comes from senior leadership that says, ‘This is what I want to see and I don’t care how you get there.’  And, fortunately, our organization isn’t like that — one of the reasons why I came to Dovetail was I felt our senior leadership had integrity.” – Matt Yunker


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