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CSO Kane Frisby interviewed at #HRTechConf, “Getting HR Fit”

Kane Frisby
November 22, 2016 Kane Frisby, "Using data to improve HR processes" Kane Frisby, Chief Strategy Officer - Dovetail Software   “The majority of HR teams are probably running unhealthy and getting fit can take a bit of effort. We like to help HR departments run themselves and we keep our product up-to-date." - Kane Frisby We can help you get your HR department in shape and keep it in shape. Dovetail's new employee portal will have significant impact on the engagement and experience of your employees.   Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Kane’s mind: #HRfit Employee Portal, HR Help Desk, Knowledge Management, and Reporting Analytics Helping HR engage with Employees with a convenient Employee Portal Getting your HR Team and Processes in Shape What is Engagement? Helping our Clients really communicate with their employees How Kane benefits Dovetail clients with his HR own experience…