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October 18, 2016

Mike Rude: SVP & CHRO at Option Care

Mike Rude, Senior Vice Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at Option Care, talks about his work, the work that Option Care does, and the future of HR.

“The future of HR and the role that technology, in particular business analytics, will likely play in the human resources space over the next few years…, There’s so much data out there – what is the most relevant information and what are the relevant metrics – what are things that really have meaning to business outcomes – not just ‘things that can be measured’.  I’m not sure anyone has the silver bullet on the ideal set of business analytics.” 

Check out this great interview and learn what’s on Mike’s mind: The Futue of HR and the role of Tech in that Future The

Dovetail HR
October 17, 2016

HR Tech Industry Icon: Bill Kutik

Bill Kutik stopped by the Dovetail booth at the HR Tech conference in Chicago recently and shared his insights and expertise. What keeps Bill invigorated?

“These are the people who know the most about a field I’ve been heavily involved in for the 27 years. You just don’t give that up in a flash. You play the edges of it, so I’ve found good edges to play and it’s worked out quite well.”

Check out this great interview and learn the latest and greatest on Bill’s mind:

HR Technology today The HR Tech panel with Naomi Lee Bloom, and Brian Sommer What Bill envisioned when he launched HR Tech The “Town Meeting of this Industry” “Technorati” of HR Tech Firing Line with Bill Kutik – Bill’s show on YouTube – check it

Rayanne Thorn
December 31, 2015

Dietrich Warner, HR Operations Director at Boston University

We were so happy to have Dietrich join us for an HR Tech Conference Presentation with Dwane Lay, our VP of Customer Experience here at Dovetail, AND he also stopped by for a quick chat in our remote intrepidHR studio at the Dovetail booth in the Expo Hall to talk about Employee Happiness vs. Employee Engagement.  Dietrich feels it is a very interesting time to be a part of HR when you consider technology and all the moving parts. A former SAP consultant, Dietrich brings his very necessary understanding of technology to his role as HR Ops Director at Boston U.

“From a core HR perspective,
I’d like to see a move from legacy solutions to cloud-based offerings.”

You Cannot Automate Employee Happiness

This was Dietrich’s

Rayanne Thorn
December 23, 2015

Jason Lauritsen, Director of Best Places to Work at Quantum Workplace

Jason Lauritsen stopped by the remote intrepidHR studio at the Dovetail booth in the Expo Hall at HR Tech to talk about Prioritizing the Needs of the Individual. Jason shared with us a bit more about Culture, Workplace, and What Really Matters.

“Employee Experience is what really matters – providing purposeful work.”

The new buzzword? Machine Learning = new snazzy name for predictive analytics. Click above to listen to the full interview with Mr. Lauritsen.


Jason Lauritsen on Twitter
Learn more about Quantum Workplace here


intrepidHR at HR Tech

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Rayanne Thorn
December 16, 2015

Phil Noelting & Phil Hendrickson of Qwalify
– The Makers of Talent Dojo

We were joined in Las Vegas by Phil Noelting, CEO, and Phil Hendrickson, Chief Talent Strategist at Qwalify. This interview is filled with some great information about being a start-up – how to grow the right way and how to bring people into your organization.

“TalentDojo is all about furthering relationships and reinventing the the traditional notion of what a talent community is”

Click play above to listen to this great interview – 2 for the price of 1 – As the Phils share their thoughts about talent communities today, what do they look like and how can we do it better.

“The best time to plant a tree

Rayanne Thorn
December 9, 2015

Scott Berg

Scott Berg is a Managing Director and Sr. Research Analyst who closely covers public HR Tech companies, working for Needham & Company, a boutique brokerage firm focused on software technology. Scott has seen a significant shift in the HR Tech buyer – “best of breed,” as opposed to a full suite solution, is driving purchases now and a welcome transition in the space.

“If you are an (#HRTechConf) attendee, you have to go to some of the content sessions.”

Click play above to listen to this interesting interview as Mr. Berg shares his thoughts about business today, what does the customer like/want, and what’s new in technology today. You can learn more about Needham & Company here.

intrepidHR at HR Tech

To listen

Rayanne Thorn
December 3, 2015

Sarah Brennan

We were so happy to have Sarah Brennan as our very first guest on intrepidHR in the Expo Hall at HR Tech in Vegas. Sarah is founder and strategic advisor with Accelir, attending her 10th HR Tech Conference! Sarah touches on the  hottest trends at HR tech this year: employee engagement and analytics.

Sarah also talks about one of HR’s greatest burdens: if something’s broken, it must be the people. This perspective MUST change, how can we do that?

Click play above to listen to this insightful interview with Ms. Brennan, you will soon learn why she is a mainstay in this industry. You can also follow Sarah on Twitter at @ImSoSarah.



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Rayanne Thorn
November 23, 2015

Gerry Crispin

Gerry Crispin, known for his thirst of life-long learning, joined us for an incredible conversation that covered everything from candidates experience to employee engagement and retention of quality employees. Listen in as he shares great stories and why his passion remains when it comes to “doing right by the jobseeker”.

Gerry understands that in order to create a better tomorrow, we need to study what’s happening today and make some necessary changes.

Click play above to listen to our interview with Mr. Crispin and learn more about his point of view, you won’t be sorry!



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Rayanne Thorn
November 20, 2015

Michael Heller

HR Practitioner turned Entrepreneur, iRevü Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Michael Heller stopped by for a great interview at HR Tech. When explaining iRevü, Michael said, “Think Twitter for performance management.”

Listen in as Michael shares the power of having a good performance management process and the four personas who drive that. This is such a great conversation where he also addresses Millennials in the workplace, as well as gamification and the ever-present engagement.

Click play above to listen to our interview with Mr. Heller and learn more about the issues facing performance management and HR today.



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Emily Lewis
October 16, 2013

What a year for HR Tech! With over 3900 attendees and 300 exhibitors, this year’s show was the largest in terms of size and attendance. As a booth dweller, it was certainly evident in the exhibit hall. Booth traffic was up from last year, and we spoke with attendees from all over the world with so many different HR roles, experiences and backgrounds.

HR technology buying is up with many HR practitioners expressing a desire for cloud-based, totally integrated systems.

The good news for us is the demand for HR Case Management systems is also up. As Scott Berg states in his October 2013 Northland Capital Markets Report, “Recent conversations in the HR software space have highlighted more customer interest in HR Case Management software, a nascent market opportunity but a product most enterprise companies will likely leverage

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