Wow, HR Case Management Sure Evolved Quickly!

evolution of HR Case Management

The Evolution of HR Case Management

As I think back 3 to 4 years ago, it’s somewhat shocking how fast the practice of HR Case Management has evolved.  Customers we’ve deployed say they can’t even imagine their days without their extremely handy tool now.   Those running complex HR shared services models, returning detailed HR analytics and always fine tuning their movements take it a step further, claiming they simply don’t see how they could run their HR service delivery practice without one.  Not to sound smug, but we at Dovetail always wondered how HR was doing as well as they were without some serious technological help in this area.  We had been delivering case management technology to customer support centers for so long, witnessing firsthand the complex maneuvers by which these efficiency rich centers, both virtual and geographically bound continually returned brilliant results when considering the immense volumes of customer touches they were handling.  How was HR doing it with sticky pads, notebooks, and spreadsheets (Access Databases for those more sophisticated folks).

Sharing the Concept

Whereas 3 to 5 years ago, the conversations were more along the lines of those who had heard of HR Case Management, those who actually had some experience under their belts with it, but more typically an extremely introductory level or no insight whatsoever to the technology and practice yet.  We pushed through, evangelizing the concepts and supporting technology, assuming (and hoping quite frankly) it would catch on.  Well not only did it catch on, but the level of sophistication a typical conversation with the HR public about HR case management these days is downright impressive.  I don’t know who spread the rumor that HR folks aren’t particularly technology savvy, but the functionality requests we receive for our Dovetail offering shows an extremely deep level of technological understanding, coupled with highly detailed workflows and planning to achieve ROI’s even we didn’t imagine many would be returning this quickly.

The Questions is Answers

Customers are embedding SLA’s within the system, responding to them with speed and accuracy, and best of all, tracking them all with a reporting engine tied to every movement within the life of a HR case, if so desired.  How many cases are we handling?  Who is handling them and at what times are our busiest times?  What is our First Call Resolution?  Now that we have some of this data and intelligence, let’s make changes to our processes and workflows to gain those elusive efficiencies.  Look, we don’t actually need to hire 3 more associates after all.  Look, this knowledge base article was linked to 50 cases, helping us achieve First Call Resolution time and time again.  With that FCR, we eliminated a case dispatch dozens of times to a subject matter expert, freeing that business partner to spend more time on other duties.

Keep it up, HR!

These complex maneuvers that took on an almost mysterious nature during conversations 4 years ago are now totally common place.  As I mentioned, the speed by which it has taken place is simply impressive.  We love it because we love seeing our customers successful. I selfishly love it because gone are the days of explaining 30 times a day at the HR technology conferences what HR Case Management is.  Now it’s so rare that it’s fun to go back to the basics.  Keep up the good work HR. Keep pushing us to expand and fine tune our offering.  You guys sure can be demanding, but it keeps us on our toes and that makes it a lot of fun.  


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