5 Reasons You Need HR Case Management Solution

There are potentially hundreds of reasons your company needs an HR Case Management (HCM) or HR Help Desk software solution. I’m going to briefly point out the five most obvious which will likely keep you up nights trying to figure out how you’re going to get this project added to your short-term list of Top HR Initiatives. If you’re currently in an HR Shared Service model, you’re probably ahead of the curve and on your way toward putting in the backbone (technology) or you already have. Otherwise…here’s the down-and-dirty rationale on why you need an HCM technology solution.

You’re being sued

Are you currently facing litigation? If so, you clearly understand the stress of having to gather the supporting information to defend your side of the lawsuit. If the employee was fired for cause for instance, it would be helpful, if not necessary, to have a full history and audit trail of the events leading up the firing. Having an HR Case Management technology can ease the stress of litigation because it allows you to have access to a complete history of all employee engagement thus substantiating your claim/cause of termination.

You need data and analytics to capture trends and identify areas of weakness

You are being asked to pull report and provide data on company trends, common issues, and areas of potential exposure and you have to rely on word-of-mouth, poorly tracked or recorded information. You could essentially surmise where the issues lie but it wouldn’t be grounded in fact and you’re not able to dissect the data with the granularity that would help shape business improvement/future direction to achieve true success. HR Reporting and/or HR Analytics is the lynchpin to change and efficiency. When used effectively and consistently, aggregate data can be used to not only triage current problems; it can also predict future hotspots or areas of concern.

You’re currently tracking everything in an Excel spreadsheet

You are tracking all employee interaction/issues in an excel spreadsheet—nothing further really needs to be stated about the sheer lunacy of not having the proper tools to manage such a vitally important aspect of your business. Industry reports have demonstrated that the implementation of a HRCM suite can pay for itself within 3-years with increased process efficiencies and asset reallocation with a shared services model.

Your HR Team SHRUNK while your workforce and responsibilities have grown

Your HR team took it on the chin during the recent down-turn in the economy and while the business has ramped up in terms of the employee population, your core team has been forced to bear the brunt of the expansion without the benefit of added HR support members. Worse, you have to continue to validate your purpose and identify “what it is that HR is doing all day”. In other words, you are constantly on the defensive having to “quantify your existence”. Give your HR team a tool that can relieve them of many administrative burdens through workflow automation and processes. In addition you will be able to prove your worth by sharing pertinent trends and areas for improvement throughout the organization.

NO consistency with regard to communicating policy, procedure, and HR information

Do you have a disparity with regard to tenure on your team? Do you know for certain that information is being consistently and accurately shared by HR team members? I bet you dollars to donuts you have more confidence in the information being shared by your senior team members. But why should that be the norm? If you have a solid knowledge base, and way for HR members to share or link HR policies, procedures and relevant information to your employee population the information should be consistent no matter the tenure of the messenger.

I’m merely stating the obvious reasons with regard to the need of an HR Case Management Suite, if ANY of this strike a chord with you, hit me up on Twitter at @Devoted2HR or here via email ( I bet after a bit of discovery, we can build a solid business case that far outweighs the reasons I noted here as to why your organization needs to invest in this technology.



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