Real ROI in embedded Case and Knowledge Management Portal APIs

It’s no mystery, nor is it revolutionary when it comes to the concept of an organization empowering its workforce to answer their own questions in order to offload HR service delivery staff.  Transactional portals have been allowing for the update of personal information, checking and enrolling in benefits, and searching FAQ’s for years.  We’ve even seen significant employee onboarding being moved to the web and intranets, as well as a real push to true organizational cultural immersion and employee engagement via personalized portals.

However, slightly newer to the game has been the offering of Case Management functionality to portals.  Even more cutting edge and something unique to Dovetail’s Employee Engagement Suite is the power of embedding Employee Self Service Case Management and Knowledge Base functionality to an organization’s new or existing employee intranet or portal.
Similar, but also unique to transactional portal functions, this type of functionality relieves HR staff of inbound employee inquiries by empowering employees to search a knowledge base and hopefully answer their question before the need arises to contact a HR service delivery team member.  If they cannot answer their own question, it allows an employee to create a case or initiate an inquiry 24 hours a day instead of calling in or emailing individual HR staff.  This allows for the most available team member to act on the inbound inquiry at the most efficient time possible within the SLA duration.  Finally, it allows an employee to monitor case status, add further notes or information to an existing case, even add attachments.  Some organizations allow employees to close their own cases.  Imagine employees no longer needing to call in for status updates to a case, closing their own cases and what that could do to free up HR staff. Powerful stuff!

How powerful?  One of Dovetail’s customers just finished a one year case study in which they measured before and after statistics to the tune of a 38% reduction in new inbound customer inquiries/cases after embedding Dovetail’s Employee Self Service functionality via our API’s in their branded SharePoint portal.  That’s real ROI that drives serious savings.  Furthermore, by embedding Dovetail functionality in their existing, totally branded portal, they alleviated yet another place employees are forced to go to perform unique actions.  That case and knowledge management functionality flows seamlessly alongside other existing intranet material either standard or totally unique to that specific employee.  Why? Because Dovetail further allows for highly specified personalization of knowledge based on attributes of that specific employee such as possible union affiliation, geographical location, and hierarchical rank.  SSO is supported and drives case information, again totally unique to that employee so he or she will never see any case material other than their own.

Real power, real ROI, real savings with embedded case and knowledge management functionality via API’s to new and existing employee intranets and portals.  Please contact us to learn more if this peaks your interest and start freeing up your HR service delivery team.

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