Why Self Service Tools Matter, and How to Use Ours



We know through usage and satisfaction scores that people like to be able to find their own answers to questions.  If not, Google would be having some serious revenue issues, and they seem to be doing ok.  HR Shared Services teams are built around efficiency and quick turnaround, and almost all of them are looking at self service as a major part of their program. If you don’t know just how powerful self service can be, take a look at the Infographic from Zendesk (a company of which we are very much fans) at the bottom of this post.

We at Dovetail are no different.  We are fans of letting our clients find information and ask us questions directly.  That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build a simple online tool the support those activities.  By following the link to our Support Page, you can quickly set up your own account.  Just click on the Login to Self-Service link (seen below).


If it is your first time, click on the link circled below to register.

login 2

 Getting set up takes only a few minutes and a little information.


Once inside, our clients will find tutorials, videos, quick answers and contact forms to reach our team quickly and easily.  We welcome your feedback, and would love to hear from.  Come on by!

Oh, and here’s that Infographic I promised you…







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