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I’m always excited to see the HR Carnival roll into the Dovetail station.  As always, we bring you a look at some of the best blogs in space over the last few weeks.  I’m a sucker for themes, so in honor of appearing at Tru London this week, I asked our friends to send me their thoughts on what they consider to be truths in HR or recruiting.  Take a look at a few of them, right after this musical interlude…

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David Richter leads off with his strict adherence to the theme, sending in 5 Truths I Have Learned in My Time in HR.  And they are all important lessons.

Friend of the Show Crystal Miller brings us The Truth of Employee Recognition in Branding.  Complete with poetry, links and video.  It’s long, worth the read.

Jennifer Miller brings us 6 Truths About Training and Development.  She’s great, and always has great content.   Especially #3 on the list.

In what is a nice ironic twist on the theme, Lorrie Lykins looks at Credibility in the Connected Age, building off of the Brian Williams story.

HR Home Truths Busted comes in from   (Dude, seriously, you need a hug.  Hang in there.)

The SRSC blog sends over Five Employer Branding Truths.  I like the last one best, for what it’s worth.

Allison Kelly sends in There’s Something About Headlines.  Anytime you get in a movie reference like she did, you get in the carnival.  That’s my rule.

On a serious note, Heather Bussing (one of my very favorite kinds of anything) sent over a great post, Sexual Harassment: Boys and Thrones.  I’ve heard this story from her first hand, and I’m sad to say I believe every word.  The truth here is that we still have a lot to do when it comes to taking care of each other.  Please read this.  Twice.


And a couple of extras that pulled down specifically to celebrate Tru London, because it’s a great event and you should get to know them.  (Maybe you could be following the #TruLondon tag on Twitter maybe?)

Social Media Strategy: A Recruitment Perspective from Warren Davidson

Advice to Start-Up Recruiters from Ken Ward

Security for Your Social Data – From the Inside comes by way of James Mayes.  He’s wicked smart and a cracking dresser, for the record.

In fact, just go check out the TruMunity page.  It’s all kinds of good.

That’s this weeks roundup.  Make sure to grab a corn dog on your way out.  And good luck getting that song out of your head.








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