Automating Mass Case Changes

Changes in Configuration

We are sometimes asked about major changes in configuration, and how to adjust someone’s environment to be what they are, not what they were.  It’s not terribly difficult, since our system was designed for flexibility.  It’s usually a matter of making changes in the List Editor, modifying some routing rules, and dropping the new system in place.  We recently were asked a much more challenging question, though, that inspired us to look outside our system for an answer.

Mass Changes

The question revolved around a mass change in Case Type for all cases, starting with the first one in the system.  Looking forward is easy, but the idea of a retroactive change was unique and original.  Fortunately, our Rules Engine is powerful enough to handle the request.  Our Engine allows for Rules to be written on ANY case, not just new or open ones.  With this in mind, we were able to construct rules that modified the Case Type for any specific set of cases, based on some very specific email subject lines.  The trick, though, was in getting the rule to fire.

A Clever Answer!

The answer for us came in the form of a clever Google Sheet script.  Google Sheets are great at automating emails with some simple code, and we were able to use that feature to quickly build a mass change engine that was powerful, responsive and reusable.  And best of all, require no more than a few minutes of setup work to execute.  This isn’t limited to just Case Types, of course.  The use for an automate script is wide ranging.  You could change almost any facet of a case this way, allowing for internal data structures to be quickly updated or enhanced without losing historical reporting.

Read More

If you’d like to read the mechanics of the solution, click here to read about it in our Knowledge Base.  It’s for clients only, of course, but if you aren’t one yet, we can fix that too.  Just drop us a line, or come see us at HR Tech this week you will find Dovetail Software at Booth #1944.


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