Cristina Goldt of Workday, “HR is Hot Again!”

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HR is Hot Again!

HR is hot again - Cristina Goldt - WorkdayCristina Goldt, Vice President of Presales at Workday, joins Rayanne Thorn to continue the series, HRTechNOW. Ms. Goldt, like many in HR, fell into human resources, talks about solving problems for technology users. Listen in as she tells us why “HR is Hot Again!”

Ms. Goldt has a long history of working in Talent Management Technology and has been with Workday for 6 years – with an unmatched focus on customers. At Workday, customer success is at the center of everything they do, with that, Workday enjoys a 98% customer success rate.

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Discussion Points for “HR is Hot Again”:

  • What Workday is doing to address human resource trends that include engagement and data
  • HR is Hot again
  • Democratizing Data across the Organization
  • Insight to Benefit Workforce Planning
  • The Cost of Acquiring and Retaining Quality Talent
  • Workday in 2016
  • HR Challenges: Engaging, Aligning, & Developing People


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