SMAC your employees with Digital HR



Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud or SMAC-enabled HR technologies are revolutionizing our industry, smacking human resources with powerful tools to support their company’s Digital Workplace vision by providing Digital HR applications which connect with the modern workforce.

We have all been told, by now, of the millennial rock stars who won’t work for us unless we connect with them in the world they rock – and it’s true!

You not only need to empower employees and managers to keep them engaged, but you must also enable them – people enablement is key to productivity.

People Enablement

HR Technology is a big driver for people enablement. Alas, the reader is likely feeling troubled with the notion of costly technology investments, a platoon of expensive onsite technology consultants, and months turning into years of project timescales that never seem to hit a go-live target.

Fear no more, we have your back! We are happy to announce and welcome the new Dovetail Employee Portal for 2016. An out-of-box, fully configurable HR Intranet/ HR Employee Portal to support your Digital workplace transformation.

Employee Portal?

You might be wondering, what will an HR Employee Portal do for my employees and managers?

  • First, it provides easy access to relevant and up-to-date HR content
  • Secondly, it acts as a personalized gateway to people related systems and applications
  • And lastly it connects employees and managers to the HR Team to streamline the employee lifecycle processes and manage any “HR” questions


How does Dovetail do this? Simple, our out-of-box portal provides:

  • Quick HR Portal page design and publishing – built by HR, for HR to own, build, and control
  • Mobile responsive and adaptive design – to meet your employees where they work
  • Cloud-based proven technology – using the same highly scalable technologies as Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Dovetail will be showcasing this amazing technology at the Workday Rising conference in Chicago and ASHHRA in Texas at the end of September, and again at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago in the first week of October.

We welcome any interest in demos, too – we’d love to show it to you!

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