What are the Workday Partnership Benefits to our Clients?

Certified Solution Partner with Workday

Our commitment to and collaboration with Workday delivers a real-time, bi-directional software integration, Dovetail achieved Certified status as a software solution partner to global HCM giant, Workday back in July, 2015.

Our Employee Engagement Suite is the perfect compliment to the Workday offering, allowing HR professionals to track real-time HR processes and engagement with every employee, ensuring organizational and staff needs are met. Throughout the certification process, we worked closely with our Workday counterparts to create a seamless integration.

We continue to cement our Workday alliance by providing HR solutions imperative for success in today’s human resource departments.

As the first Workday Certified HR Case Management and Help Desk Solution, Dovetail is proud of the work we have done to create and maintain our partnership with Workday.

What are the Partnership Benefits?

Why this partnership is valuable to our joint customers:

  • Speed of Deployment: customers can enable the Workday-to-Dovetail integration within two hours, with little time away from important HR functions.
  • Workday Business Processes: business process interactions can be started from within Dovetail and is why the bi-directional implementation is so valuable.
  • Real-time Data: Customer can see real-time employee / worker Workday data within Dovetail
  • Future Proofing: Dovetail consistently maintains its integration with Workday. With every product update / release, we maintain the integrity of our partnership.
  • Innovation: With more Workday integrations to come, Dovetail works to maintain an innovative partnership founded on providing the best product and service to our clients.


*Workday Rising EU

After a successful sponsorship of Rising US in Chicago, we headed to Barcelona for Rising EU 14-16 NOV at CCIB, Plaça de Willy Brandt. We shared more about what we do and why we love what we do. Thanks Workday for the great partnership!


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