Service Worth the Price of Admission

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Wait — how many of us REALLY feel that way? Getting a new mobile device is less than joyous when you know you are going to leave the store or check out from your online cart with far less money than with what you arrived. Even with a “free upgrade” – Is anything ever really free? My son is the only person I know who can crack a mobile device screen more than I. Venturing into a phone store often proves I am as cracked as my son’s phone screen, but I am always up for a challenge.

I made sure the store had the one in stock we wanted before we even left the house. I won’t fight over a phone.  The “host” at the AT& T store hesitated, like he knew they didn’t have any. I pressed on, “I checked online, you still have a couple left.” In a blink, he was gone and returned nodding, surprised that there were some in stock. And then our wait began. We picked out a new phone case (a simply foolish attempt to prevent an unpreventable cracked screen) along with a clearly-identifiable colored charging cord to match the case. Soon our name was called; by that time the store was slammed. Some guy next to us had upgraded from a Gen1 iPhone  – I am sure that last crazy update went over real well on a Gen1. He decided that this particular Sunday morning was his chance to get a complete tutorial < in-person> on the new iOS and all its bells and whistles .

Patience is a Virtue

That particular sales rep was patient, so patient. I would have lost it, but she calmly taught him e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g while 25 people looked on. Our sales rep slipped away to get the phone we wanted from stock and soon we were in transfer mode. I don’t know how these in-store reps do it – kindness and patience – truly virtues. This was one of the best phone purchase experience I had ever had. I barely felt the screws in my wallet as I signed away 12 months.

Why was it so pleasant? GREAT customer service, a laugh, and a smile. And enduring patience.

Tone of Voice & Helpful Way

Two customers came in to just complain, one about their bill (yes, people still go into the store for that) and the other about the lack of confidence she has in her phone. The reps handled the rush, as well as the complaints, with style and grace. Our sales rep just seemed to slow the rotation of the earth with his easy tone and magnetic smile. It’s nice to be reminded that good customer service still exists. He handed the phone to my son, new cover on just as a text message popped up, “Oh, it’s working.” [smile]

I looked for the tip jar as I left, of course there was none. I will return to that store without dread and I’ll wait with the patience and respect that good customer service deserves. Not demands, but deserves. The service was worth price of admission.

It’s just a little thing really

A smile, a nod, an easy way. But the impact is real – the impression stays. It really isn’t that hard to be kind. Sadly, real customer service can be just a good memory and a ghost in this day of technology.

I am proud of the technology and service we provide at Dovetail – proud to be a part of a team that responds quickly to customer needs. It can be hard to find in this fast-paced, tech-driven world. But like the service I received at the phone store, our clients deserve the attention and service needed to make sure they have a great Dovetail experience.

What goes around, comes around.

Big shout out to the Customer Success team at Dovetail
– keep up the good work!


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