December Webinar: Twitter? I’m in HR. Why would I need that?

Among the popular social media website websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and FourSquare, Twitter stands out in a unique way. Unlike other forms of social media, Twitter requires users to be actively engaged in topics that are relevant or interesting to them. Tweeters follow important topics, retweet people’s postings and favorite conversations.


Averaging over 1 billion tweets a day, Twitter has the high-volume traffic your organization is searching for. Twitter’s unique word of mouth structure easily allows for engaging users on a wide variety of diverse topics. Topics found on Twitter are often based on spreading the word about breaking news, an opinionated review or an upcoming event.


As the second most popular social media website, Twitter is a must-use tool for reaching the public and announcing breaking information. It is even a must-use tool for the world of HR. Learn how and why when you tune in for Dovetail Software’s December webinar: Twitter? I’m in HR. Why would I need that?  on December 11th at 12:30 CDT.


Participants will learn the basics of Twitter terminology, the benefit of hastags and retweets and how those help to grow a follower base, further building relationships. Register Now!


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