Addressing HR Concerns with Social Networking Technology

According to an April 2012 online study, State of Social Technology and Talent Management, commissioned by Silkroadand delivered to professionals in human resources and other talent management disciplines, 75 percent of the 290 respondents feel their company is behind the curve when embracing and implementing internal and external social networking technology.


As Jen Cohen Crompton points out in her recent post Is HR Embracing Social Networking Technology?, results from the survey reveal that “the downfall of these technologies and the willingness of HR to comply with their use is that they are finding barriers to entry (and effective implementation and execution).” A few of the barriers listed include: upper management not perceiving a clear need for it (44%); concern that employees will misuse the time on the system (46%); lack of budget (42%); and concerns about system security (42%).


While the survey results show that HR does use social technology for recruiting and hiring purposes as well as a few other processes, it is still not completely embracing these technologies possibly due to the barriers listed above.


Before HR pros can completely embrace social technology and encourage its use within their organizations, they need to understand its purposes, benefits and how to sell it to the C-suite to gain budget for implementation and execution. Tomorrow’s webinar Twitter? I’m in HR. Why would I need that? is a good start.


Twitter is the second most popular social network with more than 1 billion tweets happening every single day. Tweets are similar to text messages written in 140 characters or less. With so little characters, Twitter and its language its extremely simple yet complex.


In tomorrow’s webinar, join social media expert Jonathan Brewer and Dovetail’s Head of HR Process Design Dwane Lay to learn the basics of Twitter and how to monitor small lists of people, specifically for human resources professionals. Special attention will be paid to understanding Twitter terminology and the benefit of hash tags and retweets allowing you to grow your followers and further build relationships. Register Now!


Feel like you already have a pretty good handle on Twitter? Join us for session 2 of this series 10 Smart Social Media Moves for HR Pros.

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