Dovetail Support Suite for HR 6 Debuts at LEHRN

The Leading Edge HR Network (LEHRN) HR Tech Expo in Minneapolis, MN tomorrow will be the first conference we’ve attended since the release of Dovetail Support Suite for HR 6 (released on Monday).


The new release of our Case Management and Help Desk solution boasts over 40 new features and improvements designed to improve user experience, provide more detailed and insightful reporting, and better handle employees’ and managers’ local needs across the globe.


We are thrilled to show it off to some HR Techies tomorrow and are offering a 20-minute demo from 9:45 – 10:05am on the Expo Southwest Stage during LEHRN’s Shoppertrack Series.


New features, including point-in-time data display, employee-viewed solution tracking and auto-populated data fields, give users the ability to create more accurate and in-depth reports. Context-sensitive solution search capabilities improve the HR team’s ability to meet employees’ and managers’ local needs. Additionally, several features have been added to improve email user interface and handling.


For those of you who aren’t familar with Dovetail, our solution allows HR teams to handle a higher volume of employee needs – freeing HR resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. By combining HR Case Management, Knowledge Management and Employee Self Service, companies are able to do a better job of tracking, managing and reporting on HR-related issues and requests.


Hope to see you at our Shoppertrack session tomorrow. If you’re not attending the LEHRN expo but our interested in learning more about our solution or seeing a demo, please contact us.

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