HR Shared Services is your bag? Grab these Resources!

Over the many years of working within HR Shared Services and HR Service Delivery I have been involved in various programmes and projects.  Often I was working from the customer side as a sponsor or leading the project from concept through to handover and support (full end to end).


Working on projects in HR Shared Services such as these involves countless hours of research, due diligence and conversing with fellow peers.  Achieved typically by reading analyst reports, research articles, speaking with and hearing thought leader perspectives, reading reviews and posts from great HCM columnists, along with online forums and many more.


I thought it might be useful to the reader if I posted some of those sites, and people that I follow and read, along with the conferences I visit.  This is a multi part blog post, so this week lets start with the forums to connect with.  PS, I would love to hear comments from others on suggested forums I may have missed!

The forums I connect with:

HR Shared Services Network

HR Shared Services Network (6241 members)

Founded by Jim Scully and has over 6,000 members.  Anyone involved within an HR Shared Services environment will find the content within this group invaluable, along with the yearly conference that Jim hosts each August too.


HR Technology Conference

HR Technology Conference (16,998 members)

Founded by the legendary, one and only, no not Sgt Pepper’s band, but Bill Kutik, with just under 17,000 members.  Anything and everything HR Technology wise is discussed and debated here, along with regular posts, topics, and answers from some of the leading HCM analysts in the world such as Naomi Bloom, Jason Averbook, Jarret Pazahanick, John Sumser, Ahmed Limam, and not forgetting the host Mr Kutik! (see my later post for a full list of the people in the HCM space to watch).


Workday HCM

Workday Users Group (4,643 members)

Being an ex Workday customer myself and recently forging our relationship with Workday to become a Workday Partner, these forums are a must for both audiences.  Go here for any Workday related questions, and join in on discussions with other users and Workday partners.

 HR Transformation

HR Transformation (1838 members)

If you’re working within a Business or HR Transformation project, then this forum can really help you along that journey.  Just looking at the group member list will compel you to sign up and take part!


HR Transformation Network

HR Transformation Network (6,583 members)

This group was founded back in 2009 as a thought leadership group for HR Professionals, a similar audience to the group above with weekly posts on relative and current HR Transformation topics.  This forum also has their own formal website:



Changeboard (13,000+ members)

With over 13,000 members this group is huge!  As I wrote this post, I noticed that just last week a further 69 people signed up to this group.  This group is mainly focused on UK and European HR matters, let’s not forget I am a Brit after all!  If you are UK based, I urge you to connect with this group, and attend the regular meetups, and sign up to their excellent magazine on their formal site here: 


HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Networking Group

HR Shared Services and Outsourcing Networking Group (2,157 members)

Those working in HR Shared Services will find this group useful to follow.  Especially if you have experience with outsourcing HR functions, or plan to.


Come back next week when I will post who to follow on twitter in the HCM world, and their blog posts!


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