5 Reasons for Partner-Built Integrations

“Look For Vendors…”

Not too long ago, I read Starr Conspiracy’ blog post titled “The ADP and Zenefits Kerfuffle, part 2: 5 Lessons for HR Technology Customers and Vendors” from HR Tech analyst and go-to market expert George LaRocque.  A great point was shared which continues to stick with me today:


“Look for vendors that support their integrations like a product – not a service.”  

Sound Advice

This is sound advice to the HR Technology buyer. Not only because buyers don’t want what happened to Zenefits customers to happen to them, but also to consider these

5 reasons partner-built integrations are a sound investment


    1. Technology Stack – A supported partner integration has been built with both parties being involved.  This means their technology stack has been understood by both sides, and the integration is working within the boundaries of their architecture.
    2. Joint Design – Building an integration between two products requires investment on both sides to fully design and document the objectives and goals of the integration.  Partner-built integrations usually require effort on both sides to co-design the right solution for their joint customers.
    3. One Direction – Partner-built integrations usually mean both partners working in the same direction, making sure the outcome is based on customer needs, and not the needs of the vendor.
    4. WTSHTF – When there’s a bad day in utopia and the integration is suddenly not working, both partners have a vested interest to solve the issue for their joint customers.
    5. Future Proofing – The vendors behind the partner-built integration have plans in place to keep the integration working for future upgrades to their technology – relieving the customer from that burden.


Our Integrations

Dovetail has many partner-built integrations, and all of them are within our existing development roadmap – this means we keep improving them for the benefit of our clients. To learn more about Dovetail Partners, click here.  


Interested in learning more about what George LaRocque and other HR Tech experts and notables have to say? Dovetail will live-stream interviews from their booth at the 18th Annual HR Technology Conference in Vegas, Oct 18 -2oth. You can listen to George’s interview at Noon PST, Oct 19th here. All interviews will be available on-demand following the conference.


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